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Other News
(12/1/2015) British Prime Minister David Cameron called for a debate and vote in Parliament on Wednesday on whether the U.K. should launch airstrikes against militants in Syria, arguing that the nation must stand with its allies in confronting extremism. More on this story
(12/1/2015) Authorities said a college student responsible for a mass shooting threat that forced the University of Chicago to cancel classes Monday posted that he would kill 16 white male students or staffers at the prestigious college to avenge the shooting death of a black teenager at the hands of a Chicago police officer last year.  More on this story
(11/30/2015) For years, there has been scant fossil evidence showing how the giraffe evolved to have such an admirably long neck. More on this story
(11/16/2015) Brent crude oil prices fell on Monday as worries about the economic impact of Friday's deadly attacks in Paris and a global glut of crude supplies weighed on sentiment, while U.S. crude rose with the stock market. More on this story
(11/30/2015) Senate Republicans are planning to forge ahead on a bid to repeal chunks of ObamaCare and partially defund Planned Parenthood by using a rare fast-track tactic, Fox News has learned. More on this story
(11/30/2015) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Monday it had approved a drug to be sold by Bristol-Myers Squibb Co as a treatment for a form of blood cancer. More on this story