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Other News
(7/3/2015) A Russian rocket has successfully launched an unmanned cargo ship to the International Space Station, whose crew is anxiously awaiting it after the successive failures of two previous supply missions. More on this story
(7/3/2015) A CSX train car carrying hazardous material derailed and caught fire in the middle of the night in eastern Tennessee, forcing the evacuation of thousands of people and sending dozens to the hospital with respiratory issues and nausea. More on this story
(7/2/2015) A dolphin caused chaos on a California familys recent fishing trip, leaping into their boat and breaking a womans ankles. More on this story
(4/18/2015) A $50 million renovation of Atlantic City's Tropicana casino shows how far it has come from eight years ago, when the property was on life support. More on this story
(7/3/2015) The rise of global terrorism and the savagery committed by the Islamic State and Al Qaeda in parts of Yemen, Syria and Iraq has some counterterrorism experts questioning the Obama administrations strategy of light footprint against the extremist movements. More on this story
(7/2/2015) Washington state health officials say measles caused the death of a woman from the northwest part of the state in the spring - the first measles death in the U.S. since 2003 and the first in Washington since 1990. More on this story