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(3/5/2015) Iraq's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities says Islamic State militants "bulldozed" the Nimrud archaeological site near the northern city of Mosul using heavy military vehicles. More on this story
(3/5/2015) 5 P.M. More on this story
(3/5/2015) On Friday morning, NASA's Dawn spacecraft will arrive at Ceres, becoming the first probe ever to orbit a dwarf planet. More on this story
(2/17/2015) Pharrell Williams has a "Happy" deal for a series of children's picture books. More on this story
(3/5/2015) While Hillary Clinton tries to deflect suggestions of wrongdoing in her use of a personal email account to conduct governmental business during her years as secretary of state, a U.S. ambassador under her watch was sharply reprimanded for doing the same -- and reportedly, it contributed to his being forced to resign. More on this story
(3/5/2015) Based on a new analysis, the health benefits of having a drink a day may be exaggerated, UK researchers say. More on this story