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Other News
(3/29/2015) The transcript of the final minutes of the doomed Germanwings flight, recorded by the black box, reportedly reveals the captain yelling at co-pilot Andreas Lubitz to open the door before the planes fatal descent. More on this story
(3/29/2015) Dozens of firefighters battled a wind-fueled wildfire in southern Montana that prompted the shot-term evacuation of a ski lodge. More on this story
(3/28/2015) It's a stunning find uncovered by accident: Construction workers demolishing homes in Turkey's Nevsehir province in 2013 ended up discovering entrances to what could be the largest ancient underground city ever found in the region. More on this story
(2/17/2015) Pharrell Williams has a "Happy" deal for a series of children's picture books. More on this story
(3/29/2015) Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said he would support legislation to clarify the intent of the new law that has drawn widespread scrutiny over concerns it could allow discrimination against gay people. More on this story
(3/29/2015) Q&A With Dr. Manny: Could listening to music too loud on headphones cause permanent hearing loss? More on this story