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Other News
(7/30/2015) Activists are urging Uganda's government to reverse a decision to open for oil drilling a wildlife park on Uganda's border with Congo. More on this story
(7/30/2015) A 14-year-old girl has been arrested in the death of a 1-year-old western New York boy who was strangled. More on this story
(7/30/2015) Its a well-known fact that the first Americans crossed the Bering land bridge from Siberia to Alaska at some point less than 23,000 years ago. However, new research from deep within the Amazon suggested that a mysterious, previously unknown ghost population crossed over at some point as well. According to a new report in the online journal Nature, DNA evidence has revealed that two Amazonian tribes the Surui and the Karitiana are more closely related to Papua New Guineans and Aboroginal Australians than they are to Native Americans. More on this story
(7/27/2015) Wall Street kicked off the trading week in negative territory, following a global, China-led selloff amid continued weakness in commodities. More on this story
(7/30/2015) That sound you hear is Republican candidates trying to break through the static as the final days tick down in the elimination contest for the Fox News debate. More on this story
(7/30/2015) High-intensity interval training is one of the best ways to get into tip-top shape. In fact, the idea of short periods of hard work followed by periods of rest is so well-established as a great way to exercise that its basically the core of CrossFit and Navy SEAL training. More on this story