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Other News
(4/28/2015) Northern Ireland police say a small bomb has detonated outside a probation office on a residential street in Londonderry, injuring nobody, and the city's leaders have accused IRA die-hards of recklessly endangering the lives of families living nearby. More on this story
(4/28/2015) Testimony starts Tuesday, the second day of the long-awaited trial of Colorado theater shooter James Holmes. More on this story
(4/27/2015) The lava lake at the summit of Hawaiis Kilauea volcano rose over the weekend, according to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, reaching within 13 feet of its Overlook crater rim on Sunday. More on this story
(4/18/2015) A $50 million renovation of Atlantic City's Tropicana casino shows how far it has come from eight years ago, when the property was on life support. More on this story
(4/28/2015) Is this the right time for Hillary to be talking about unaccountable money? More on this story
(4/28/2015) Cataracts, a natural part of aging, will affect everyone at some point, but surgery can help treat the condition.  More on this story